Rayne - avanger deelight - longboard complete  inlineskateshop

Rayne - avanger deelight - longboard complete

Rayne Avanger Deelight Complete Our ultra light carbon composite boards are now available in the "End of the World" series. The Dee-Lite boards are all built to be light and durable. We've made a superior board - it has 21 carbon stringers for a stiffer more reliable ride. It accelerates faster, it's easier to push and handles like a dream. Each Dee-Lite features an carbon-fibre encapsulated light weight foam core, an outer frame of resilient bamboo and is finally sandwiched between two sheets of pretension fibreglass impregnated with 21 carbon fibre stringers. Length- 38" Width- 10" Wheel Base- 28.25, 29, 29.25, 30" Pleasure Dome/Deep tub concave, Top Mounting, and light as hell! The Carbon Boards are LIMITED editions and may take two weeks to manufacture. The tight platform makes quick manoeuvring a dream - matched with the "Pleasure dome" rider transition from stand-up speed checks to railing corners is mind blowing. What is the PLEASURE DOME? The PLEASURE DOME makes it easy for riders to master toe side corners, pre-drifts and slick stand-up slides by adding a second concave in the middle of the board! When engaged in sticky situations, this pleasure dome grips your toes where there is normally no concave. When in heel-side turns the pleasure dome ensures no foot slip. Features: Sharp Edges - Final touch for locked in feet Directional  Shape – Gives extra edge feel for carving, cruising and speed. Sublimated Artwork - Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.   Leverage Concave – Grips from the ball of the foot to the centre of your heel for outstanding turn control.   Speed-stiff - Don’t get bounced! Stiff boards will make you stable at high speeds. Pleasure Dome Arch Support - Get connected! Arch support will dial in your steezy cornering by giving you full contact with the board. Oversized Wheel Wells – Avoid wheel bite on looser trucks and bigger wheels. Decks do not come with grip. Set up: Randall II 180 42 deg. Trucks Abec 5 Bearings Wheels on completes may vary, upon delivery of the producer or availability.

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