Original - freeride 38 rocker concave - longboard complete  inlineskateshop

Original - freeride 38 rocker concave - longboard complete

The Freeride 38RC Not all freeriding is done on the steepest hills in the world. Whether you are practicing your next ender ender on a more mellow hill or just looking for a smaller board that will both commute and slide, it is critically important to match your freeride board to the type of terrain your riding will need to address. Every Freeride 38 RockerConcave comes standard with the tighter turning radius, lighter deck weight, and more potent kickratio the modern freerider needs to have fun whenever he or she may be addressing a some what less than epic hill grade. The Freeride 38 RockerConcave brings more freestyle to the table than any other board in the Original Freeride line while staying true to it's freeride roots (particularly for riders of the less-tall persuasion). The shorter wheelbase keeps the Freeride 38RC quick through the turns while the rocker further adds not only to that control but also to the durability of the board (when freestyling) by taking pressure off of the neck. In addition to providing taller riders (5ft 9in+) fantastic freestyle performance around town, commuting in the city, or freeriding on more mellow slopes the Freeride 38RC gives riders of the less tall persuasion (-5ft 8in) the opportunity to choose a freeride board that is sized specifically for their needs on the steep stuff. Recommended RideFocus No board does it all, check your height vs the Freeride 38RC recommended ridefocus; Rider Height >= 5ft9in): Freeride 60%; Freestyle 40% Rider Height

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