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Description Looking for performance at an affordable price? That's what the team board series is all about. Featuring our exclusive Precision-7 channel pattern combined with our maintenance-free extruded base, the Flashback model provides the fastest and most stable glide. With a core constructed of 7 Canadian maple plies fully bonded to each other with our specialty epoxy resin, it's no wonder our boards are the strongest on the market. Don't get fooled by the price tag, the team boards are right up there when it comes down to durability and performance. Fits riders of any skill level.   Ambition Tech Features   7 Ply Canadian Maple Construction Stiff, light and responsive, our 7 Ply Canadian Maple Construction is the skateboard industry standard adapted for response and strength on snow. Featured on all of our boards, this design replicates the feel and pop of your favorite skateboard. Full Epoxy Resin Bond Epoxy is known as the superior bonding agent for both wood and plastic laminates, retaining flexibility and maintaining a fully waterproof bond that is far stronger than the wood or plastic itself. Many manufacturers opt to cut costs by sticking to traditional water based glues, yet we had an epoxy specifically formulated for Ambition, giving our boards a superior bond that absorbs shock and resists cracking, warping and delaminating. Extruded Base Our extruded polyethylene base offers a fast and consistent glide in all conditions. It is maintenance free under normal conditions and is easily repairable if necessary. Precision7 Channels At Ambition, we're all about performance, and that's why we've stuck with the Precision7 channel pattern since day one. Our exclusive Precision7 channel pattern is composed of seven grooves, for ultimate speed, control and stability. Instead of pressing our base into pre-cut grooves, we use a thicker base material and cut grooves out of our base. This results in much sharper channels that provide superior tracking in any snow condition as well as a more durable base. EVA Foam Topsheet Every snowskate comes topped with custom screenprinted EVA foam grip. Our foam is soft enough to provide good traction, but dense enough to resist tearing and will keep you on your feet all winter. Our new grip graphics utilize an epoxy-based ink, making them far more durable than ever before. Precision7 + RailLock Our pro series utilize a hybrid of our exclusive precision7 channel system and the rail locking abilities of the traditional five channel pattern that many people have come to love. With Precision7 + RailLock you get a board that tracks straighter, faster and smoother due to the seven channel pattern, but also locks you in like a champ in the wider middle groove, keeping you centered all the way to the end of that 20 stair 5050. Die Cut Extruded Base All our pro series boards feature a die cut logo base for maximum clean style and dynamic color pop.

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